Child Loss Feels...

Child Loss Feels Devastating.
Overwhelming. Hopeless.

Child Loss Feels Devastating. Overwhelming. Hopeless.

Grief Never Ends...
But It Can Change

Grief Never Ends... But It Can Change

After losing a child you feel lost... aimless. Energy drained.

You've been thrust into a life you never asked for, certainly didn't want... with no obvious way forward.

Often, you feel stuck, like you're on a constant rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Taking one step forward and three steps backward.

Anger, hatred, even guilt consume your thoughts.

The people you thought would be there are gone. Others pressure you to "move on". The future you envisioned has been ripped away.

Then there are the days you think you are going crazy.

Look in the mirror, you don't even recognize the person looking back at you. It can be hard to re-enter a life you feel disconnected from.

Everything tells you this is how it will always be. How are you possibly going to survive when it's so hard to breathe?

We can't change the past, but we can choose how we move forward.



Living With Grief

Discover the ability to rebuild a life you can live.

Living With Grief is a private community for bereaved parents who are seeking a way
forward after the loss of their child(ren).

It is designed to walk beside you, providing you with practical tools and support from someone who gets it.

The program is self-paced, so you do this in your own time. The healing content grows with you, so regardless of where you are in your journey, you can take what resonates right now, and come back for more later.

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What To Expect

  • A program 100% focused on child loss that is self-paced, gentle, and honors your grief.

  • Direct access to a grief coach who is also a bereaved parent.

  • Weekly grief-related topics presented by Emily that you can watch live or as a replay.

  • Support that meets you where you are and grows with you as your grief evolves.

  • Practical steps to help carry your grief in a healthier way.

  • Connect with other bereaved parents. Build relationships that offer the comfort and support you may not have in your daily life.

  • Weekly, live community check-ins with Emily to help you be more intentional about self care.

  • Community that nurtures the ongoing relationship with your child.

  • Immediate access to a growing library of pre-recorded content and workshops.

Living With Grief For $10/mo.

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    Living With Grief For $10/mo.

    About Emily Graham

    Emily is a bereaved parent and founder of After Child Loss.

    As a trained grief & life coach, she is passionate about meeting other bereaved parents exactly where they are and providing them with the support they need to keep going.

    Emily empowers others with the tools necessary to navigate this deep grief, create positive change, learn to reconnect with life, stay connected to their child, and rebuild a life they can live.


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    Living With Grief For $10/mo.

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